HAWK Sporting Package

  • "Fashion comes and goes, but style lasts forever"

    - Coco Chanel

Find out how Amanda can help you

freshen up your look, find organisation, experience a full wardrobe overhaul, and find a more stylish you!

  • Styling for Her

    Become your best, most confident self by finding your personal style in a one-on-one consultation, where my mission is to present you with clothing that suits your lifestyle, budget, taste, colouring, and most of all, your unique body shape!Find out more

  • Styling for Him

    Hassle free, targeted shopping and wardrobe overhauls save you time, money and the overwhelming sensation of not knowing where to begin. Whether you want to stand out, or just want to look ‘put together’ Find freedom in an easy mix and match system designed to suit you… Find out more

  • Corporate Styling Solutions

    Your staff are the ‘face’ of the business and their appearance is a reflection on your company and your ‘brand’. Setting the dress standard for your company is a must if you want to create the right impression and expand your portfolio… Find out more

A little more about Amanda

My name is Amanda Herron and I am a Personal Stylist in Toowoomba, dedicated to finding the right look for individual and corporate clients. I also speak in front of large groups about style and dress-code expectations for workplaces, events and special occasions.

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