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THE FAMILY OUTING WARDROBE MALFUNCTION - be practical without compromising on style

Monday, April 02, 2018

It happens to the best of us. We plan everything down to what time we need to arrive, how many snacks, toys and wet wipes we’ll need, but we forget to choose a functional outfit that flatters our shape and makes us feel good. 

‘It’s just not high on the priority list’, I hear you say. Well I challenge you to think about it a little more. On a family day out, you need to be able to bend, sit, kneel, carry multiple things at once and be photo ready – because let’s face it, we all know that we like to take photos with our family at events whilst we’re doing fun activities. This means you’ll be snapped wearing that old T-shirt you’ve worn to a hundred family BBQs, the worn-out slip-ons that look floppier than they should, and you won’t even recognise the person in the photo because you didn’t comb your hair this morning. Is this really how you want to be remembered?

I didn’t think so.


Personally, I invest only 5 minutes each night planning the next day’s outfit. This is when I can concentrate for just long enough to put it together – unlike my morning self, which has a somewhat more dysfunctional relationship with my closet. So, I take a moment to consider what my tasks will be for the following day, who I am I likely to meet with, how much walking will I be doing and so on.  Then I choose a basis for my outfit; it could be a shirt, dress, skirt, necklace etc and then I build the rest of the outfit around it. Naturally, I know my shape and colours very well, so this occurs quite quickly. If you would like some guidance on body shape, an education through my one-on-one services is an easy and fast solution for you.


When planning a family day out, events such as your local fete, school excursion or trip to the coast, it is possible to be sensible and stylish at the same time. Take the upcoming Toowoomba Show for example. With April weather being somewhat unpredictable, outfits need to be practical and versatile, whilst radiating style and confidence at the same time. To keep it simple, you will need:

1 pair of sneakers or boots for comfort and warmth

1 pair of well fitted pants or jeans

1 top/blouse/T-shirt you’re dying to wear

1 layering piece e.g. scarf, cardigan, jacket or light blazer

1 backup layering piece to leave in the car (just in case)

1 stylishly floppy hat

1 large handbag to carry around all the essentials, leaving just enough space for fairy floss on your way out! 


This simple formula should prevent any wardrobe malfunctions and you can accessorise it with a great necklace or scarf in matching tones to the rest of your outfit. Don’t be shy about playing around in your wardrobe – with a little planning, you can look fabulous from head to toe, with seemingly very little effort.


Check out some of my examples below which you can find in store now. If you would like to know more about my Personal Styling services, please feel free to contact us here

All DISSH - Yellow Midi Dress $79.99; Black Top $49.99; Black Faux Leather Jacket $59.99.  Sneakers are my own, Kmart $15.

All DISSH - Emerald Came $29.99; Emerald Floral Tie Top $59.99; Leather Look Black Jean $59.99; Denim Jacket $79.99. Sneakers are my own, Kmart $15.

All JEANS WEST (left to right) - Skinny Jean Indigo $79.99; White Top $69.99; Necklace $15 + Ambrose High Waisted Ankle Jean $99.99; Navy Star Tee $49.99 (Sneakers are my own, Kmart $15)

All JEANS WEST (left to right) - Ambrose High Waisted Ankle Jean $99.99; Star Foil Tee $39.99 Colourblock Card $79.99 + Skinny Jean Indigo $79.99; Navy Tie Front Tee $39.99; Navy & White Striped Blazer $79.99; Necklace $15 (Sneakers are my own, Kmart $15).

"I believe we wake up as a blank canvas and that we each have the power to create our own masterpiece - every day. That is why I believe in the Art of Style; it has the power to transform us into who we wish to be."


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