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Personal Styling Services: Styling & Shopping, Wardrobe Makeover, Special Occasions, Corporate Styling, Makeup Guidance, Ladies & Gents Makeovers, Lifestyle Transformations.

As a business, you want to ensure your customers see you in a professional capacity and are always impressed with your customer service standards. Part of your company's professional profile, especially those dealing in sales and customer relations, is the presentation of your staff. They are the 'face' of the business and represent your company and your 'brand'. Therefore, employee attire and grooming must be congruent with your company's desired image.

The simplest way to begin addressing this topic, is to set guidelines - so that the standard can be maintained. However, this can sometimes be tricky as many managers, supervisors and owners do not want to put themselves in the line of fire by setting a dress code standard. This is where having a neutral third party is your secret weapon!

As a Personal Stylist who has also worked in the corporate sector, delivering Corporate Styling in a professional manner is my forte. In a presentation style format, I can discuss hygiene, deportment and dress standards in a way that is diplomatic yet assertive. As the consultant, I take the tricky questions and am not scared of defining standards and expressing to staff that "leggings are not pants!"

For your business to perform well, it must deliver on all fronts, including presentation. Corporate Styling should be considered if you are struggling to meet a standard of dress in the workplace that is congruent with your company goals and values.

If your real estate business or auto business is making $1.5m annually, and the bottom line could be increased by simply hiring a Personal Stylist to train your team on how to dress in a way that displays professionalism, trustworthiness, and confidence that your product is right for the customer, would you do it? Of course you would!

Each consultation is 100% customised, so please do not hesitate to contact me and ask for a quote for your business needs, so that I can deliver the ultimate Corporate Styling presentation to your staff, lifting your dress code and company profile at the same time.