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Aimed at transforming your look and your lifestyle in only 5 weeks! This is the complete overhaul for those looking to improve both their outward appearance and work on their inner self, as well.

Are you stressed, anxious or feeling overwhelmed? Do you dread getting yourself dressed and organised each day? Do you feel you are not giving yourself the time and care you deserve?

If you answered yes to any of these, the Lifestyle Transformation Package is for you.

Over 5 weeks, you will receive the tools to improve your appearance, so that you can start the day fresh and optimistic, knowing that you look fabulous! You will also be shown how using essential oils can help improve your mood and spiritual wellbeing. Plus you will learn about chemical free makeup and what makeup techniques are right for your face and eye shape to create the most beautiful and flawless looks you can use everyday!

The Lifestyle Transformation Package Includes:

  1. Wardrobe Audit (2 hrs)
  2. Raindrop - Reflexology massage (1.5 hrs)
  3. Makeup Consultation (1.5 hrs) - includes free 5 piece makeup brush kit valued at $130
  4. Feelings - Emotional Clearing (1.5 hrs)
  5. Personal Shop (2 hrs)

Deciding to actively transform your lifestyle is a positive step towards greater levels of self esteem and wellbeing. This package has been created with a value of $1,080 and because you are embarking on a journey with a higher purpose, this package is available for only $850.


Do you wake up each day, look in the mirror and wonder, "Where do I begin?"

With some professional help, you will be able to look in the mirror with pride and say, "Wow, I look good!"

You deserve to feel great each day and the Transformation package can help you get there! What people see on the outside is very important, especially if you are in a sales or customer relations work space - you don't get a second chance at a first impression. So make yours count with a transformation overhaul, beginning in your closet, assessing your wardrobe needs. Consultations are always tailored to suit your lifestyle and budget, therefore your Personal Shop will fill the gaps in your wardrobe and give you the skills to pair your outfits together effectively and with style! A chemical free makeup consultation concludes the transformation, where you will learn what colours, techniques and application methods best suit your skin tone, face and eye shape.

The Transformation Package Includes:

  1. Wardrobe Audit (2 hrs)
  2. Personal Shop (2 hrs)
  3. Makeup Consultation (1.5 hrs) - includes free 5 piece makeup brush kit valued at $130

Transforming yourself on the outside is a great way to begin a new career or give yourself a much-needed pick me up! The total value is $740, however this package is available for just $650.

PERSONAL SHOP - 2 hour Consultation

Become your best, most confident self by finding your personal style in a one-on-one consultation, where my mission is to present you with clothing that suits your lifestyle, budget, taste, colouring, and most of all, your unique body shape!

When you go shopping, do you often gravitate towards the same colours, styles and pieces that you already own? Do you dislike shopping because there's too much choice and you don't know where to start! Does it feel overwhelming when you are looking for something in particular and despite looking for hours, you are running out of time and still haven't found what you're looking for?

Save yourself the time, headache and stress of shopping by letting me do all the work for you on a Personal Shop. As a Personal Stylist, I am trained to find you the right styles that suit your body shape, in the right fabrics, in colours that flatter you. After all, it is all about you and when you try something on and look in the mirror, you deserve to look and feel fabulous in what you wear. Therefore on Personal Shops, I take you directly to the stores that I suit your tastes, budget and your style. "Style? Me?!" I hear you say - yes! Your style. Everyone has one and I will define your style as we go, developing your understanding of what suits you and what can be worn together in a way that flatters your body shape. Body shape is crucial and although there's no one size fits all, there are certain elements I can teach you to highlight your best features and enhance your look, so that you really can project the image you want the world to see!

So do yourself a favour and take the hassle, stress and pressure out of shopping by hiring a Personal Stylist to do all the ground work for you. This 2 hour Personal Shop is available for only $220.

All that is left, is for you to decide which pieces you like best, and I guarantee you that you will walk away feeling like a million dollars!

WARDROBE AUDIT - 2 hour Consultation

Expressing yourself through clothing allows you to show the world the best version of yourself. Through the way you look, you can convey your personality and little touches of detail tells people more about what your interests are and where you're heading in life. Rachel Zoe described it as, "Style is a way to tell people who you are without having to speak."

To be sure, ask yourself, "Am I telling the world the right message?" … if the answer is somewhat vague, chances are it's time for a consultation with a Personal Stylist.

The place to start is closer than you think. Open your closet and have a look at your wardrobe. If it doesn't excite you, if there's several items in there that you have never worn, if you 'can't find anything to wear' or if it's overflowing with clothing and keepsakes, then it is definitely time for a Wardrobe Audit.

How do you audit a wardrobe? As your Personal Stylist, we work together going through everything in your closet, however small or large that may be, and figuring out what can stay, what can go, and what goes with what! This is perhaps the most important step because it highlights what you are 'missing'. This could be any number of things, from colour and print, to the right pieces with accessories to tie it together.

No doubt about it, tidying and organising is one of those tasks we often need a little encouragement to do, and having someone there who sees your wardrobe for what it can be, is a step in the right direction towards a happier you! When people take the option to have a Wardrobe Audit, many say the best part, is that I leave them with a fully decluttered and organised wardrobe where they can 'find' things and now know how to pair things together better. Auditing your wardrobe is a great way to not only organise your clothes, but beginning your morning with clarity means you'll feel more positive about the day ahead as well.

When you consider human behaviour, we readily trust an architect to design our dream home, we trust a hair dresser with our hair, so why wouldn't you consider letting a personal stylist, personally style your wardrobe!?

So, let me help you take your wardrobe from tragic to magic! Book a 2 hour wardrobe audit today for just $220, and get organised with a little help from a professional.

MAKEUP CONSULTATION - 1.5 hour Consultation

Do you know what is actually clogging up your pores and causing breakouts? Would you be prepared for me to tell you what ingredients are in most foundations, let alone the one you are wearing?

Did you know in Australia that beauty products on the market do not have to prove that all their ingredients are safe? There is no law stating that all ingredients used in bath & body products, makeup, hair care products and perfumes have to be tested for toxins before hitting the shelves. However, many countries have banned specific chemicals because they are known to have a negative affect the human body. Known 'endocrine (hormone) disruptors' are in everyday items you unknowingly may be using on yourself, and your family - with no filtration system, the skin absorbs 60-100% of those products. Scary thought? It doesn't have to be.

Chemical free makeup is one of the best switches you can make. Foundations, blushes and lipsticks are full of pigment to give different shades and the types of ingredients normally used to create this pigment are usually known skin irritants and neurotoxins.

Savvy Minerals Makeup range is chemical free and made without cheap fillers or synthetics. You should not have to compromise on quality and Savvy Minerals offers a full variety of naturally derived products, suitable for savvy women who want to look fabulous and just be themselves!

A 90 minute consultation will show you which foundation colour is your perfect match, how to apply the mineral makeup products such as blush, eyeshadows and contouring colours in a technique that suits your natural face and eye shape - highlighting your best features! You will learn tips and tricks along the way and with your free Savvy Minerals brush kit (valued at $130) you will be able to recreate these looks for yourself for easy everyday application, and more stunning glamour makeup looks as well!

This Makeup Consultation is available for $250 and includes a 5 piece Makeup Brush Kit with carry case, valued at $130.