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Styling for Him

Personal Styling Services: Styling & Shopping, Wardrobe Makeover, Special Occasions, Corporate Styling, Makeup Guidance, Ladies & Gents Makeovers, Lifestyle Transformations.

Men have a predetermined need to feel significant, in control and visible to others. However, this becomes difficult in a sea of workplaces and social spaces, where you struggle just to be noticed. Perhaps you find it hard to 'fit in' and would like to learn the wardrobe basics before taking on bigger challenges - such as getting a promotion or getting the girl!

In any case, for you to be seen, chosen and given a chance, you need a few tools in your arsenal that will help you stand out from the crowd. I believe that one of these tools, is your Personal Appearance. The ability to dress well and present a sharp appearance with confidence is not something everyone is born with; however I do believe it can be learned.

When you wake up every day, I believe you wake up a blank canvas and that you have the power to transform yourself into your own masterpiece - every day. That is why I believe in the Art of Style; it has the power to transform us into the person we wish to be.

Each consultation at Art of Style is customised to suit you and your goals, whether it's a special occasion, a wardrobe overhaul, a career change or a seasonal update - your unique style is my specialty.

Expressing yourself through clothing and style allows you to show the world the best version of yourself, and when you look in the mirror, your reflection will thank you for it!

So stand up and get noticed - be significant!!! Allow tailored Personal Styling into your life, and I guarantee you that you will never be looked at, or judged the same way, ever again.